Employment Law

Okunade, LLP handles employment law matters in state and federal courts and administrative agencies.

For Employees:

  • On behalf of the employees, our practice and experience includes representing individuals in the areas including:
      • Disability discrimination (ADA)
      • Pregnancy discrimination
      • Gender discrimination
      • Race and National origin discrimination
      • Harassment
      • Retaliation
      • Wrongful discharge
      • Employment contracts
      • Severance agreements
      • Unemployment hearings

For Businesses:

  • We believe in helping employers establish preventative measures to avoid employment issues, even before litigation ensues. Whether it is help drafting or revising employee handbooks/policies or preparing independent contractor agreements, Okunade, LLP advises businesses on risk management issues and helps train managers on claim avoidance and the rights of the employees and/or independent contractors, with the goal of working toward a respectful balance between interests.  We help our clients take the necessary steps to prevent potential liability.  When needed, Okunade, LLP also defends and represents businesses in a broad range of employment law matters.
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