About the Firm

Who We Are

At Okunade, LLP, we believe that every client deserves the utmost attention, honesty and value in the handling of their legal matter. Our mission is to provide every client with the most professional, efficient, and effective legal guidance while being authentic, trustworthy, and hardworking.  We are committed to offering individuals and businesses high quality legal services and doing so in a cost effective, client-friendly environment, whether the matter involves counseling, mediation, or litigation.

What We Do

We understand the complexities of legal representation and litigation and have the ability to recognize important client considerations and account for human emotions at the core of the litigation. We take time to understand the distinct demands of each client, which allows us to provide effective and dependable service to suit each relationship.

Our clients include individuals and small to medium-sized companies. We offer a wide-range of services in the areas of:

  • Employment Law
  • Business and Contract Disputes
  • Probate Administration and Litigation
  • International Agreements 

We recognize that there are simply too many areas of law out there for any one attorney to be able to master completely.  Okunade, LLP does not pretend to have expertise in every area of law.  Rather, when a client asks for help with an issue that Okunade, LLP does not handle, we work with specialized practitioners who, we know, have the requisite experience to meet our clients’ needs and requests.

How We Work – What Sets Us Apart

We understand and care about our clients – we understand that legal representation is often personal and we pride ourselves on providing clients with individual attention to their legal matter to ensure effective representation. Whether it’s resolving a legal dispute through mediation, arbitration or court representation, we are here to ensure you get the representation that merits your case.

As a small law firm, we maintain our competitive edge by leveraging technology and experience to save you money. Our ability to balance the scope and strategy of litigation with the financial and/or business considerations of our clients allows us to contain costs. 

We provide effective and affordable solutions to your legal challenges. In addition to the traditional billable hourly rate, Okunade, LLP works with its clients to offer creative ways to structure an engagement that fits the client’s needs and expectations and allows Okunade, LLP to accept the case.

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