Practice Areas

Employment Law

Okunade, LLP represents both employees and businesses in employment-related matters. We help protect employees from harassment and discrimination. We also believe in helping employers navigate employment issues.

Business and Contract Disputes

Okunade, LLP represents small and medium-sized businesses in a wide variety of industries and professions in business disputes and litigation, including breach of contract cases, tortious interference with contract, fraud, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, regulatory issues, and other causes of action.

Probate Administration and Litigation

The area of probate and probate litigation is often fraught with challenges and complexities that involve intricate family dynamics that can exacerbate the already emotional  probate process. Okunade, LLP handles all aspects of probate administration and probate litigation and helps its clients navigate and balance these delicate matters to ensure that our client’s objectives are met.

International Agreements

Okunade, LLP understands that companies and nonprofit organizations require legal guidance in expanding their offerings overseas. Okunade, LLP assists its clients with the creation and review of necessary agreements and works with them to facilitate their global expansion.  

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